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Japanese language N5

Instructor: ZUVS Halls of Ivy

Language: Japanese language N5

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150 hours dedicated and interactive live classes with an experienced trainer from the winner of the best language training institute of NCR. 

In this module,

Part one

What is Japanese?

Japanese is now estimated to be spoken by one and twenty-eight million people. it is a combination of Chinese and other Asian languages.

How many alphabets does Japanese language have?

1. Hiragana

This is the simplest syllabary(Symbols showing the syllables words contain)in Japanese and is comprised of forty-six kana.

2. Katakana

Usually described as being for foreign loan words, It has similarity with Hiragana, with the difference in how it is written. The katakana is not curvy but comprised of straight lines and here are forty-six katakana.

3. Kanji

With its beauty and complexity, kanji fascinates the Japanese learners. The actual number of kanjis varies from ten to ninety thousand but here the good news is in N5 level we will learn only 100-120 kanjis. Around two thousand kanjis are taught within schools and needed to read a newspaper.

To master Kanji, it is important to understand the use of stroke order. we would advise beginners to first master hiragana and katakana before approaching kanji.


In order to help foreigners pronounce Japanese easily, this is pretty much a life saver. Below we have romanization of the Japanese word 'densha' meaning 'train' in english.

densha= train.

Part two:


Culture is the soul of every language, which means it plays an important role in language learning. Sometimes people misunderstand this with customs and history but here we talk about the culture that includes:

the daily routine of natives, how their lifestyle, what they do, what are the famouus things, places, etc, the eating habits, etc..

Actually, why culture?

Japan is known for its unique culture as compared to all over the world. So, it is important to know about the culture and by doing this, you will develop the passion for this language. 

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