Japanese Language N5.2 cover

Japanese Language N5.2

Instructor: ZUVS Halls of Ivy

Language: Japanese Language N5.2

75 hours dedicated and interactive live classes with an experienced trainer from the winner of the best language training institute of NCR. 

In this module,

This is the second level of N5 now in this, we will further study different patterns and explore more about japanese culture,daily routine of japanese people, speaking practice and in this our vocabulary also increases and use of kanji we will get to know better.

As this is the second part of the basic level so it is important to read as much as we could so that our understanding in the language and use of patterns that how we can use different patterns and where to use is also we will get to know.

Here, in this level we will start giving topics to our students so that they can speak and write related to the topic which will build up the confidence in the student.

At last we will proceed with JLPT prepration which includes vocabulary knowledge, Grammar knowledge, listening and writing.



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